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Cooking and More

Everyone enjoys a good meal. But where do you start? At Ranch and Penthouse our goal is always to make your choices easier. The reason is because we don't just supply quick answers. We conduct extensive research to bring you, our valued visitor only the best. This includes the recipes that we offer. We strive to make your meal enjoyable to yourself and your family, friends and loved ones.

Currently we're offering a wide variety of meals from the Seven Barr Ranch. These are meals that are delicious and filling with a minimal amount of effort and at a low cost. Many of these meals are designed to be prepared and served in less than an hour. And to make your job even easier, we don't just supply you with a list of ingredients and a few instructions. We also provide a list of any other supplies that you will need. No more preparing half a meal and discovering that the pot you need is sitting in the sink waiting to be cleaned. To make it even easier, we've even created a printer friendly page so you can print them all out and remove all of the unnecessary graphics and other miscellaneous filler.

But sometimes you aren't looking for speed. For those really special occasions, we've secured the rights many of the recipes from the famous McLemore Estate. These recipes feature exquisite meals that you can now make right at your own estate, because fine dining was meant to be enjoyed by all. Right now we have just a few of these recipes, but we are working to provide a greater selection in the near future.

Have an aspiring chef in the family? Well help them to get started with Meranda's Cookbook. This collection of recipes is great for the beginner or someone just looking for a few tasty, but easy recipes.

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