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Classic Picnic Recipes

Whether it's on a roof top in the city, a suburban backyard, a field in the country or even a local park, nothing seems to make the air smell as clean and the sky as blue as a picnic. A picnic is the ultimate way to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. And we all know that it's the food that makes any picnic special. For some unknown reason it appears to take on additional flavor produce more fragrant aromas. So at here is a unique collection of classic and soon to be classic recipes.

You can almost feel a gentle summer breeze blowing through your hair as you view the sample recipes below:

For a complete list of recipes, click here.

Memphis Rib Rub Mustard Rub Italian Marinade
Just Like Mom's Barbeque Sauce Alaska Nugget Roasted Red Pepper Macaroni Salad
Barbequed BlueCheese Hamburgers Barbecued Whole Chicken Southern Barbecue Rub
Pork and Fruit Kabobs Salmon Loaf Veggie Burger

Dry Rubs
Barbecue Dry Rub
(for meat, fish poultry)
Basic Dry Rub Memphis Rib Rub
Southern Barbecue Rub Tandoori Rub
Wet Rubs
Caribbean Rub Creole Rub Garlic Rub
Mustard Rub Red's Rub
Chimichurri Marinade Citrus Marinade Italian Marinade
Shish Kabob Marinade Teriyaki Marinade
Argentinian BBQ Sauce Basic Beef BBQ Sauce Just Like Mom's Barbeque Sauce
New Mexico-Style Barbecue Sauce Southern White Barbecue Sauce
Alaska Nugget Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Beef Barbecue Appetizers
Icebox Butterhorns Stuffed Mushrooms
Soups, Salads and Sides
Chicken Salad in Cantaloupe Classic Cole Slaw Deviled Eggs
Fresh Tomato Salad Grilled Tomatoes and Green Onions Momma's Cucumber Salad With Garlic
Pasta Salad Potato Salad Roasted Red Pepper Macaroni Salad
Two-Bean Salad
Barbequed BlueCheese Hamburgers BBQ Hamburgers Black Angus Burger with Cheese and Grilled Green Chiles
Canadian BBQ Ribs Chili Cheeseburgers Cola Beef
Grilled BBQ Hamburger Supreme Grilled Burgers with Garlic and Chipotles Pulled Beef Brisket Barbecue
Salsa Burgers
Apple Honey Glazed Chicken Barbecued Whole Chicken Southern Barbecue Rub
Chicken Chaud-froid Chicken with Citrus Salsa Fourth of July BBQ'd Cornish Hens
Grandpa's Grilled Chicken Oven-Baked Buttermilk Chicken Pappy's Grilled Chicken
Salsa Chicken Top Secret Fried Chicken
Adam's Ribs Barbecue Ribs Cherry Sauce Ribs
Chinese Baby Back Ribs Grilled Pork Tenderloin Honey-Orange-Mustard Roast
Picnic Pie With Cheese And Ham Pork and Fruit Kabobs Shredded Pork
Fish and Seafood
Sweet-Sour Barbecued Ribs Baked Fish in Foil Barbequed Salmon
Blackened Grilled Grouper Buried Coal-Cooked Lobsters in the Shell Clambake on the Grill
Depoe Bay Salmon Steaks Roast Salmon with Potato Basil Crust Salmon Casserole
Salmon Loaf Salmon Steaks Using Direct Grilling Method
Barbequed Weiners Crunchy Kraut Dog Barbecued Lamb
Turkey Breast Boston Back Bay Burger Shish Kabobs
Barbecued Veggie Kabobs Veggie Burger
Apple Banana Crunch Pie Berries and Cream Cake Classic Watermelon Bombe
Crunch Fudge Sandwiches Fresh Strawberry Pie Fudgy Picnic Muffins
Nutty Hot Water Cake Old-Fashioned Blueberry Cobbler Strawberry Ice Cream
Turtle Bars

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