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Accents On Life

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Specialty Cookbooks

All of our cookbooks are available for immediate download via the secure paypal system. To make viewing easier, they open in your computer's web browser. Each recipe can be printed individually or you can print the whole cookbook. To order, simply select the 'Add to Cart' button under the description.



Bread Machine Recipes

Have you ever lived near a bakery? Think of how great that smell was as you walked or drove by. And you can have that same aroma in your home as you bake these homemade breads in your own bread machine.


Fancy and Flavored Coffees

Aaaah!!! The refreshing aroma of a cup of coffee. But sometimes the neighborhood coffee shop is just too far away. Relax, now you can brew it at home. Just select one of our fine instant mixes and save it for those 'emergencies', or brew a fresh cup right now. We've even included a couple of creamers to make things interesting.


Just Chocolate

Chocolate! The word seems to roll off of your tongue and through your lips. Like fine silk, it feels so smooth in your mouth, coating your throat as it slowly works it's way into your body. And now we offer you over 100 recipes from breads to sauces to quench any chocolate lover's desires.



Cheesecake. The velvety smooth texture comforting your tongue as each bite seems to just melt in your mouth. And now you can enjoy that feeling whenever you like by preparing one of the following recipes.


Gourmet Popcorn

The saying may be baseball, hotdogs and apple pie, but did you know Americans eat more popcorn than any one else (500,000,000 pounds a year and 60 % is popped in the home). Most popcorn is grown in the United States in the Midwest.

So the next time you're in the mood, relax and enjoy one of these fine recipes. Most are made with common ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen cupboards or spice rack.


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