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Fancy and Flavored Coffee

Aaaah!!! The refreshing aroma of a cup of coffee. But sometimes the neighborhood coffee shop is just too far away. Relax, now you can brew it at home. Just select one of our fine instant mixes and save it for those 'emergencies', or brew a fresh cup right now. We've even included a couple of creamers to make things interesting.

Feel free to try one of these great sample recipes:

For a complete list of recipes, click here.

Louisiana Cafe Au Lait Cafe De Ola Creamy Cappuccino
Coconut Coffee Espresso Romano Frozen Cappuccino
Original Iced Coffee Italian Coffee With Chocolate Mocha Coffee Mix
Turkish Coffee

Alpine Carnival Arabian Coffee Black Forest Coffee
Cafe Au Lait ( Coffee with Milk ) Louisiana Cafe Au Lait Cafe Au Lait Luzianne
Cafe Cappuccino Cafe Cappuccino Mix Cafe Con Miel
Cafe De Ola Cafe AlVanCocoa Cafe Vienna Lookalike
Caffe Di Cioccolata Cappuccino Orange Creamy Cappuccino
Cardamom-spiced Coffee Chocolate Almond Coffee Chocolate Coffee
Chocolate Mint Coffee Coconut Coffee Coffee Ice
Coffee Soda Creamy Iced Coffee Delicious Coffee Milk Shake
Espresso Romano Fireside Coffee Mix--Flavored Coffee Creamer Flavored Coffees
Viennese Coffee Flavored Coffees (mocha) Frozen Cappuccino
German Coffee With Whipped Cream Hot Baja Coffee Easy Iced Cafe Au Lait
Iced Cinnamon Coffee Original Iced Coffee Iced Mocha Cappuccino
Iced Mochacchino Instant Coffee-swiss Style Mocha Mix International Cappuccino Coffee Mix
Italian Coffee With Chocolate Italian Mocha Espresso Maple Coffee
Mexican Spiced Coffee Mocha Coffee Mocha Coffee Mix
Mocha Flavoured Coffee Mocha Frappe Nightcap Coffee Mix
Orange Cinnamon Coffee Turkish Coffee Vanilla Almond Coffee
Viennese Coffee Viennese Coffee Mix Cinnamon Spiced Coffee
West Indies Coffee

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