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Over the years, we've all had goals, dreams and desires we've wished we had accomplished. Some of them may have been minor, wash the car, organize photo albums or teach the dog a new trick. Some may have been more substantial like remodel the kitchen, write a novel or plant a garden in the summertime. But, there always seemed to be a good reason that they were never accomplished. Family commitments, our job or a basic lack of funding always seemed to stand in our way.

We're not here to judge anyone on whether a reason not to reach a goal is legitimate or not. For example, your excuse for not mowing the grass every week or so simply because it continues to grow is obviously logical to you. On the other hand, if there is something that we really, really want to do, we always seem to find the time and means to do it.

Sometimes our reasoning may simply be that we don't know where to start or what goal we really want to accomplish. That's where we try to lend a helping hand. We supply you with a year's supply of monthly goals. Twelve things that the average person or family should be able to complete in one month's time.

Some goals are a little more complex than others, such as redecorating a room in your house. Some are more relaxed, like finding a subject you are really interested in and researching and gaining knowledge in it.

There are also a few advantages to doing it yourself. You receive the feeling of accomplishment when the month ends and your goal has been completed and you will strive to maintain what you have done. How many times have you seen a show on television where an outside group comes in, revamps or organizes a home or room and then leaves. Are we the only ones who wonder, what does it look like in one month, six months or even a year. Is everything still stored in the neat little containers that were provided, or has clutter once again taken over?

Another side benefit is, once you start seeing progress in the goals listed below, you will start to set your own goals and before you know it, you'll be doing things you only thought of previously.

This is not a monthly check list which lists things like clean the garage, but a list of goals that are designed as stepping stones to get you started in the right direction such as using coupons or buying with cash instead of credit. They set a pattern in your life that can easily be repeated month after month.

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