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Ladies Night

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Just what is 'ladies night' you might be asking. The simple answer is, whatever you want it to be. The basic idea is to get together with some friends and have some fun.

There's nothing better than having a family, but sometimes it's nice to just sit around with friends and relax. And outside of your family, a small group of close friends can really help to bring some sanity and enjoyment to your life.

Too often we get tied up in family duties and work and don't take time for ourselves. Sure we can sneak in a quick bubble bath on occasion, but often this is not done on a regular basis and is something we squeeze into our busy schedules.

That's why we are firm believers in ladies night here at 'Accents On Life'. It's a chance to get together with a few friends and talk, laugh and on occasion even shed a few tears. Because it's good to know that as strange as your circumstances may seem, there are other people just like you going through the same thing.

As we mentioned earlier, ladies night is whatever you want it to be. For that matter, it doesn't even have to take place at night. If it works for your group, go ahead and make it ladies day.

We've created a ladies night of the month page to help guide you through the year, or you can purchase our ladies night cd for a complete list of ideas. Sometimes you can spend your time making things for each other. At other times, you can make something for someone else. And at still other times you can spend your time with no project in mind but just enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee and talking. We've listed a few examples below to give you some thoughts. Of course, you know yourself and your friends better than we do, so try to find something that works for your group.

And always remember, this is a time to have fun.

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