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Gift Baskets

You can find a gift idea for almost anyone in our list of 91 Gift Baskets. We've tried to be innovative and get away from the usual fruit basket arrangement. Many of the baskets are designed around themes and some don't even use baskets at all! At the end of the list, you'll find ideas for adding finishing touches to your basket and suggestions on wrapping your basket.

Enjoy the sample recipes listed below:

For a complete list of gift baskets, click here.

For the Gardener: For the Shop-aholic: For Walker/Jogger:
For the BBQer: For Someone Who Likes to Lounge in the Sun: Create a Woman's Accessories Basket:
Create a Kid's Bath Set: For the Engaged Couple: For The Health Food Buff:
Mom's Sanity Kit

For the Gardener: For the Pasta Lover: For the Golfer:
For the Dog Lover: For the Crafter: For a Note Writer:
For the Shutterbug: Relaxation Pack: Kids Coloring Kit:
For the Sports Enthusiast: For the New Home Owner: For the Guitar Player:
Create a Winter Fun Pack: For Grandparents Who Are Far Away: For the Craft Enthusiast:
For the Car Lover: The Sundae Basket: The Fish Basket:
Cookie Basket: Rainy Day Basket: For Men:
For the Shop-aholic: Create a Comedy Pack: For the Woodworker:
For the Computer Buff: Create a Salon Pack: Create a Stew Basket:
For the Teenaged Girl: For Expectant Parents: For the Executive or Home-Office Owner:
Create a New Year's Eve Party Pack: For the Crochet or Knitting Enthusiast: For the Writer:
For the Music Groupie: Create a Night Out in a Basket: For the Mystery Lover:
For the Hiker: For the Vegetarian: For the Cowboy At Heart:
For Walker/Jogger: The Beauty Basket: For the Couch Potato:
For the Crafter: Make a Kid's Beach Pack: For the Road Warrior:
For the Musician: For the BBQer: For the Collector:
Create a Bachelor's Survival Kit: For Just About Anyone: For the Student or Home-Office Owner:
For the Cat Lover: Create a Christmas Decorating Basket: Make a Basket Full of Puzzles:
For someone who sews: For Someone Who Likes to Lounge in the Sun: Create a Gadget Collection:
For the Wood Shop Owner: For the Fisherman: For Baby:
Create a Woman's Accessories Basket: For Cyclists: For the Aquarium Owner:
For the Painter: For Someone Who Bakes: For Someone Who Travels By Plane A Lot:
Create a Christmas Box: Create A Night In, In A Basket: Create a Kid's Bath Set:
For the Teenaged Girl: For the Computer Game Player: For Campers:
For The Lover Of Spicy Foods: For the Sci-Fi Fan: For the Engaged Couple:
For Someone Who Works Out At The Gym: For Adults Only: For the Jigsaw Puzzle Lover:
For the Naturalist: A Small Twist On The Usual Coffee Gift Basket: For Someone Who Is On Their Feet All Day:
Create A Kid's Craft Kit: For Little Students: For Someone Who Likes Needlepoint
For the Movie Buff: For The Electronics Hobbyist: For the Chocolate Lover:
For The Young At Heart: For The Health Food Buff: For Someone Who Never Has Enough Time:
Create a Chinese Food "Basket": Mom's Sanity Kit

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