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Accents On Life

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Privacy Policy

We pride ourselves in having the most basic privacy policy on the internet. This is it:

Any information you provide us with is your information. We believe that your reason for providing us with this information is so that you can enjoy our products. Therefore, we will not, do not and never intend to use this information for the purpose of:

    - selling it to a third party
    - renting it to a third party
    - giving it to a third party
    - paying a third party to take it
    - send you unsolicited emails ourselves

We realize that in doing this we have upset many marketing gurus. However, they are not transacting business with us, YOU ARE. For this reason, our desire is to satisfy you and not them.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Copyright 2007 Accents on Life. All rights reserved.

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