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Dinner - Layout

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Layout is an often overlooked part of the preparation. At many dinners there is a last minute rush to try and squeeze everything in and a considerable amount of time is spent rearranging things to ensure that both your guests and the food will all fit in the desired area.

Of course, there are many factors which need to be considered when planning your layout. Such things as location (indoor or outdoor) and the amount of space you have. We've been invited to dinners in 3000 square foot homes with formal dining rooms and others in 1000 square foot homes with no dining room per se. Certainly the ones in larger areas made things easier, but even the smaller areas were successful because the host had taken the time to plan his layout. In some cases they've even taken a separate part of the home and created a dining room.

Another thing to consider is the seating arrangement. Due to their inherent politeness, your guests will invariably ask where they should sit when it comes time to eat. It would be a good idea to plan ahead for this situation.

A few things to consider might be, is this a dinner for couples? Then plan ahead to ensure the couples will be seated together.

Will there be children present? Will they need adult assistance while eating? Do you have a favorite niece or nephew who will covet a seat next to you? Then plan accordingly.

Most likely there is no need for name tags, but if you have some thoughts before hand, it could make things easier.

Now close your eyes and start dreaming of the wonderful layout you have designed for your guests.

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