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Ahhh, a picnic. A chance to have the ultimate potluck meal or to show off your own expertise. The great thing about a picnic is that you don't need a special occasion to enjoy one. Just a desire to enjoy the sunshine and maybe even the sunset. And this guide will help to make that much easier and fun.

Will it be a catered affair or will you do it all yourself? It doesn't matter. The object of the picnic is enjoyment and relaxation, so why not relax and enjoy getting ready for it also? And to help make it that much easier, we'll guid you through the process in three basic steps.

- Preparation
- Presentation
- Produlation

What's 'produlation' you ask? That's the best part!!! It's when you produce the results of your preparation and presentation and receive the congratulations of your guests (and yourself, of course).

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