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Picnic - Cleaning

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As the saying goes, "cleanliness is next to godliness". Unfortunately, cleaning is probably the least glamorous task at hand. However, it is also one of the most important because it leads to the next major area, presentation.

This is another area where it is possible to hire someone from the outside. There is nothing wrong with that if it is what you desire. Again, it might be a good idea to read through the cleaning section and discover which section the hired cleaners will cover and what you will be responsible to cover.

It is best to do as much of the major cleaning as possible on the day before the special event. This will help prevent wearing yourself out on the appointed day or cleaning too early and finding it necessary to reclean. We've included a handy check list and some pointers that we've learned from experience.

This is all going to sound like pretty common sense information, but while you are in the middle of preparation, it is sometimes easy to overlook even the most basic elements.



_____ Clear off as much as possible from coutertops. This will help the area to look neat and uncluttered. It is expected to see certain things on a counter top such as a coffee maker, canister set or a cookie jar. But the 3 cans of soup you bought last week should be put in their proper place.

_____ Clean all dirty dishes. Nothing says unprepared like walking into a kitchen with a sink full of dirty dishes.

_____ Once the dishes have been cleaned, store them properly.

_____ Have a trash can available in the vicinity of the serving area if this is not a formal dinner. Always be sure to use a clean trash bag. If necessary, take a half full bag and store it out of the way until the event is over.


_____ Clean the toilet (including the top of the tank) and the sink.

_____ Again, clear off as much as possible from coutertops.

_____ Do you have a large family? Are there various towels and washcloths hanging around? Put them all in a clothes hamper. It looks so much neater that way.

_____ Place clean towels in an area where it is convenient for your guests to dry their hands.

_____ If you have one of those liquid soap dispensers, ensure that it is atleast half full. Totally filled is best.

_____ Place a spare roll or two of toilet paper where they can easily be seen. A small basket holding these can add to the overall appearance.

_____ It looks best if the shower curtain is drawn shut. This will also hide any clutter from shampoo bottles, etc. If there are doors on the shower, shut them.

Serving/Eating Area:

_____ Cut the grass and rake up any clumps of grass that may be left behind.

_____ If you have an outdoor animal such as a dog, clean up any droppings that they may have left.

_____ If you are using a BBQ grill or pit, clean it thoroughly. This will be a main attraction at your picnic, so it is a good idea to make a good impression.

And you're done! Now that wasn't so bad after all.

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